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They are going to call tomorrow with the results from Thursday. I got my test results from Tuesday the day where they could not see our baby's heartbeat and they were a 3 week old pregnancy. On Thursday, they were 27, on the low end of normal for our baby. Our doctor said these results were impossible. So, I'm going back in on Tuesday for another ultrasound. Has anyone ever had this happen?

It is so difficult because I don't know how to feel - should I begin the agonizing grief process or hopeful? I feel both right now. My hope rests in the Lord and the verse Be Still and know that I am with you keeps ringing through my head and heart. Could your dates be off? Hoping for the best for you!

Very sad news this morning. We did another transvag ultrasound and no heart beat found, no blood flowing and no growth from last week it is exactly 1 week later. We are heartbroken but can now officially begin the mourning process waiting for this miscarriage to happen naturally. I am posting this in the event that my story is helpful to anyone else out there looking for a similar to their own.

Thank you for the thoughtful and compassionate comments.

I never knew that this level of sadness was capable in my soul. As I sort through that, I'm wondering when most people miscarried, if they had a missed miscarriage and chose to wait it out naturally.

My first OB visit in pregnancy! - What to expect - Tilted Uterus - History of Cysts

According to my ultrasound, our baby stopped developing at 7 weeks. Today should have been 11 weeks and still no miscarriage. How long did it take you to miscarry naturally? Waiting it out is a little rough. No spotting, some cramping 4 days ago that was painful, but it stopped suddenly and no other signs. Thank you so much for your shared experiences.

What a stressful situation! You currently have 0 posts. I would love to hear other stories if anyone as any similar to this. God bless you whatever the outcome. I had empty gestational sac at 7 weeks and miscarried at 9 weeks. I spotted for about 10 days before things progressed.

Siobhan Malachi is offline. Holding you in my heart, hoping that the next days and weeks bring some healing to you and your family.

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Birth Junky is offline. So sorry my heart breaks for you. I suffered a traumatic loss at 12 weeks, hope you and your family heal gently each day. Your in my thoughts. I had a missed miscarriage where the baby stopped growing at 11 weeks; at My midwife was uncomfortable waiting more than three weeks past fetal demise, and my body was showing no signs of gearing up for a natural completion of the process. I was also having a tough time with the waiting--I didn't really want to go out and about because I feared what would happen if the cramps started building while I was away from home, I was having a hard time functioning at home because I was so wrapped up in my own sadness and worry about the waiting.

I was blessed with some very sweet friends who took my kids over to their places to play, so that I could have time and space to try and process. It was a relief to be done with the waiting, and I found the knowledge that I was carrying a baby that was no longer alive particularly horrifying. She let me get another quick ultrasound to get the fetal heart tones. Hey, there are some upsides to a backwards uterus! I have a question for anyone.

So my girl friend and I found out on February 23rd that she is pregnant. Her HCG levels are low but slowly rising. She also have all the symptoms, swollen stomach and a retroverted uterus. He wants us to abort but we are thinking about waiting because its too soon to know anything.

My question is 1. Is it too soon to make this decision? I hope you find some answers! It sounds like yours waited until about week 15, which is reassuring.

Yeah weeks it turned. Try not to be nervous! Most women never know they have a backwards uterus.. I am 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant and my abdominal ultrasound was able to see the baby and the heartbeat, but it was very blurry. Therefore my tilted uterus is still tilted. Would love to hear your outcome Katie. I know you posted this a while ago but maybe it will notify you? PS- So glad to have found this blog and to hear your story Lindsey. Praying my uterus will turn soon! Today I just had an ultra sound at 6w2d. They only saw a sac but not fetus. They believe I may have a blighted ovum but my HCG levels look good!

I hope my outcome is the same as yours. A lot of stressing over something we have such little control over.

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I had an ultrasound on Monday at 6w2d too and he only saw the sac and no heartbeat. Just wondering if during the first two ultrasounds if you saw the fetus or did the embryo look empty? I just had my 3rd vaginal ultrasound and I would est. Either way thank you for sharing your story.

I knew I was pregnant a week into my pregnancy. I had an ultrasound last week on Wednesday 24th and measured at 7 weeks. I almost took those pills in the office but i hesitated and thought about it for a bit……. Next day i woke up and started researching and found that this is common and how often blighted ovum is misdiagnosed.

Saying a prayer for you. I am 8 weeks ans two days.

What is a Tilted Uterus?

My baby is measuring 8 weeks and two days , but the vaginal ultrasound showed no heartbeat. They want me to come back in a week, but I have gotten them to do another today. What are the risks? What are my other options?


Anyone else skipping early scan & waiting for 12/13 week scan?

What happens if I wait a week? If possible I would recommend a natural miscarriage. Less chance for cervical scarring. A lot of times babies measure smaller than weeks pregnant because normal pregnancy due dates are based on your last menstral period LMP. They begin counting the 40 weeks from then. Always get a second opinion before making that decision. They might be mistaken. I did a lot of research and a handful of people had a good outcome. So sorry but this a long one, Feb 4th had my positive then Feb 9th had brown spotting.

So went for check and was told at 5 weeks 5 days I lost baby and signed cremation form. My hcg had gone up from the Sunday though so had to go back two days later for more hcg, this hcg dropped by 5.

My Tilted Uterus Story

However since then hcg has risen, not doubled but still going up. I would be 7 weeks 1 day at that point going by irregular af, my lmp was 5th Jan but my cycle can be anywhere from days. Any help or input would be great please. I actually have no idea. And what an emotional roller coaster. I hope you find some answers. I have more scans and checks on Monday, so will post an update, in case anyone else is one day looking for answers like me. I had bleeding like that but it was caused by insufficient progesterone production by my ovaries until the placenta could take over.