Hook up vacuum advance quadrajet

Send a private message to lars. Find More Posts by lars. Thanks Lars and 7T1vette. The nipple identified on the pic at the choke linkage seems to be what Lars references.

I'll double check with my vacuum gauge and then hook my vac advance to that nipple. Everyone else still seems to have theirs hooked up to ported vacuum, which is the stock connection. I guess they didn't read Lars paper on this Thanked 4 Times in 3 Posts.

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  • Which quadrajet port for vacuum advance???????????????????.
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I have the long nipple near the choke pull-off on my ' So when it isn't used for anything like the dist can this is just an open vacuum leak?? Last edited by Rally68; at Send a private message to Rally Find More Posts by Rally If you have an uncapped port, you have a vacuum leak. Use it for something or cap it.


Quadrajet Vacuum connections

Thanked 78 Times in 76 Posts. On a Q-Jet this is manifold vacuum, beneath the choke assembly. You can see the capped ported vacuum spout on the driver's side. The latter is actually where GM connected the vacuum advance originally. This is ported; you don't want EGR action at idle. The large spout in the middle is for PCV.

Which quadrajet port for vacuum advance???????????????????

Lastly there is a spout not visible in pic low on the driver's side for the fuel evaporation canister hook-up. The heat shield is a item. Last edited by Paul L; at Send a private message to Paul L. Find More Posts by Paul L. Originally Posted by lars. It takes about 32 seconds to shoot and set total timing - just get your timing light out and get that total timing set to 36 degrees right away. Hopefully, this will get your initial up into the degree range for an instant performance improvement. Then, swap your vacuum advance hose over to the manifold vacuum nipple on the carb and you're set to go - all you have left to do then is play a little with some different springs to tailor how quick the curve comes in.


Use Your Vacuum Gauge. Find More Posts by djcwardog. Thanked 5 Times in 5 Posts. Originally Posted by Rally It must pull in its FULL range of advance 2" of vacuum below lower numerical value the vacuum you have at idle. This assures that the unit is pegged out against its stop while you're at idle, assuring that the timing, and thus the idle, remains stable. If you have a control unit that only pulls in its partial range of advance at idle, the unit will fluctuate and "hunt" at idle, making your idle erratic and unpredictable.

If this happens, you must either replace the unit with a different spec unit, or use the ported vacuum source.

Emissions hydrocarbons go through the ceiling when you advance the timing with direct manifold vacuum. If you have to pass an emissions test, I suggest you run ported vacuum. Most cars will run cooler at idle and in stop-n-go traffic when you run direct manifold vacuum. But the cautions outlined above must be heeded.

Vacuum Lines Connection

For more info on this, and specs, pick up a copy of my vacuum advance paper in the Forum Tech Tips section. Send a private message to lars. Find More Posts by lars. Thanked 78 Times in 76 Posts. This is where the stock engine obtains vacuum advance on the Q-Jet. Send a private message to Paul L. Find More Posts by Paul L. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Timing is Everything

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