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Warner Bros 27 of 35 Getty 28 of 35 Awkward Warner Bros 32 of 35 Getty 33 of 35 Hank Azaria David and Helen Hunt Jamie married after dating for six years, separated 11 months later and divorced six months after that. Warner Bros 34 of 35 Getty 35 of Comedy Central Live Friendsfest. Wednesday, September 21, - Isabella Rossellini who appeared as herself and Gary Oldman Richard Crosby dated in , but separated two years later.

Jennifer Aniston dated Tate Donovan Joshua for three years from Jennifer Aniston Rachel dated Paul Rudd in Hank Azaria David and Helen Hunt Jamie married after dating for six years, separated 11 months later and divorced six months after that. No one clicked on this to "learn" that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pit were married shocking news. Courteney Cox marrying David Arquette?

She had "Courteney Cox-Arquette" in the opening credits from season five onwards. Does she have a wedding dress? It gave us ten years of the funniest TV ever. Joey Tribbiani may have dated every woman in Manhattan sometimes more than once , but is the real-life actor similar? Was there ever a "real Ross and Rachel?

The chick and the duck? Their names didn't come out of thin air. Between the models, actors, actresses, and guest stars, these six even managed to date each other. And when it didn't work out, they could pull the "we were on a break" excuse. Move over, Brad Pitt.

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Here are 20 surprising people the cast of Friends has dated. Rachel spent a good chunk of her ten years on Friends being pretty mad at Ross, but Ross definitely made things difficult as well. Ross and Rachel are basically the greatest sitcom couple we've ever had, but ten seasons of these two made everyone wonder: Was there something going on in real life?

In , Jen reportedly wanted David Schwimmer to "give her a baby. In a way, it makes sense. Ross had loved Rachel since, like, forever. Rachel kept those eggshells "from the first time you made me breakfast in bed. They even had a baby. By , Jen was in that awkward "in-between" phase. Brad Pitt was behind her, but she hadn't yet met Justin Theroux. Jen was dating a string of guys, including Vince Vaughn and John Mayer, but she was and still is childless. Neither Jen nor David have ever confirmed these reports, but the media outlet did say that Jen had reportedly selected David as her "top candidate" for a baby daddy.

The superhero years were light years ahead of this actor, and Paul was facing a bit of a "no way out," being typecast in a string of romantic comedies. Big surprise, it's about a New York girl who falls in love with her best friend although he's more into guys. Jen and Paul's relationship gave Ms.

Real Life Couples of Friends

Hollywood Hunk, Brad Pitt. Weirdly, Jen and Paul later co-starred in the movie, Wanderlust. To be fair, Paul is quite the joker. When Elle asked him what his best feature is in , he replied: Warren Littlefield told Jen to "keep going," before ultimately casting her as Rachel Green in Friends.

The next one has "Hollywood" written all over it Matt may have had his long-standing relationships and marriages, but the year-old isn't slowing down. With a year age gap, the Irish Aurora and former Friends star seem to make for a happy couple, but fans are speculating whether Aurora is too young for Matt. Matt keeps referring to her as his honey," a source told The Sun. At 33 years old, Matt LeBlanc's current girlfriend is 17 years younger than him.

Matt has been pretty open about his relationship with Aurora, especially on Instagram.

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Fans have been treated to pics of these two outside Matt's dressing room. You might not live inside an imaginary sitcom, but you know the rules. If you date someone, their best friend is a "no-go area. In , Jennifer Aniston was one year into her newfound stardom. Rachel was still doing a hopeless job being Central Perk's "worst waitress ever," but the real-life Jen had found a guy.

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  8. It's the biggest "unspoken rule" ever. You don't date a girl, then date her best friend. Adam Duritz came with edgy dreadlocks and a rocker status as Counting Crows' frontman.

    The One With Russ' Turns 23 Today And It's Still Weird AF

    What Jen probably didn't know is that Adam also came with an agenda. According to People , Adam dated Jen for "a few months" before ditching her in the biggest rule-breaker of all. Dumping Jen and hooking up with Courtney Cox. You muddle through and then you crash a wall," he said.

    Which ‘Friends’ Cast Members Dated? These Co-Stars Dated Throughout the Series and Beyond

    Adam and Courtney didn't last, and nor did Adam's other girlfriends: Probably the fact that Jen and Matthew "briefly dated," according to People. It all got a bit awkward after the show, when In Touch Weekly reported that things got really dicey between the cast members when lines started getting crossed.

    When Bravo asked David Schwimmer if the cast had been asked to sign any contracts stipulating that relationships should stay strictly professional, David revealed: Remember the "fat suits" Joey and Monica wore in the "what if" episode? That relationship had three people in it: Joey, Monica, and the tons of food she had prepared. There was one of Rachel and Chandler, though. Chandler seems attracted to Rachel although she ignores him , but didn't Rachel have that fantasy dream about Chandler?

    Neither Jen nor Matthew have ever confirmed their relationship. Matthew told People that Jen's wedding to Justin Theroux was "a surprise. Lisa Kudrow should probably be winning awards for having one of the longest-lasting Hollywood marriages. There aren't many of them out there.

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    Lisa did, however, reveal to More that she briefly dated the talk show host, Conan O'Brien. In an interview with NY Daily News , Lisa said that there was an instant attraction and that Conan "really encouraged" her career. Despite both being the same age and in showbiz, Lisa revealed in that they were "better as friends. In a way, this one makes sense when you look at Phoebe. Forget being quirky and vegetarian. Phoebe actually dated some pretty famous faces on Friends. Enthusiastic," Alec Baldwin was a bit too much for her. Hank Azaria was too busy failing at his science job in Minsk.

    Paul Rudd who played Mike actually married her. The next one is just hilarious In season three of the show, Chandler was still getting his head around the pet chick and duck that Joey had adopted. Between quacking, the birds mostly sat around watching TV, although they were subject to "Nutter Butter contests" from time to time.

    Of course, there was the issue over what to name them. I love you both.

    The Real Life Partners of The Friends Cast

    In very different ways. This just makes the whole "chick and the duck thing" so much more awesome.

    Plus, it explains why Chandler was so protective of his chick, Yasmine. When Ben Stiller guest-starred and yelled at the birds, Chandler took a firm stand. Chandler also got way more protective when the birds were bickering. For the most awkward guy on TV, Chandler Bing sure did rack up some good-looking ladies. It took Chandler a good five seasons to find "the most beautiful woman in most rooms," Monica Geller. While Chandler and Monica went on to get married and get those babies Monica so desperately wanted thanks, "adoption mom," Anna Faris , this one takes us further back.

    The Real Life Partners of The Friends Cast

    Julia Roberts made her guest appearance on Friends in season two, as Chandler's childhood friend. I was Susie Underpants 'til I was 18! Her plan was coy, though. Seducing Chandler into a restaurant bathroom was just a ploy to leave Chandler completely compromised. Here's what you didn't know, though. Julia and Matthew actually dated, according to The Daily Mail. Plus, Chandler, on and off screen. Matt LeBlanc himself has surprisingly few relationships to his name, but he does have a reputation.

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    His marriage to Melissa McKnight in lasted just three years. His relationship with Andrea Anders who starred in the short-lived spin-off, Joey lasted nine whole years.