Dating sleepover

Maybe you feel the best in a cute pair of leggings and a t-shirt or tank top.

Or maybe you go all out and wear a pretty pajama set on a regular basis. Whatever you want to wear is what you should pack in your overnight bag. No matter what your relationship status, you might be feeling pretty nervous about your first sleepover date. He just wants to spend time with you and get to know you better. Listen to your gut and only do what you feel comfortable with. Sure, your first sleepover date is nerve-racking and brings up a lot of different emotions.

But how would you mess things up? Just be yourself and everything will be good. Since you both like each other, you both want the evening to be a success. Your peaceful nature will ease his nerves, too, and allow him to be himself as well.

5 Super Hot Tips On How To Ace Your First Sleepover Date

How do you handle this? No, wait, that would be weird, right? This solves a few issues. It takes the pressure off him because maybe he thought that you expected him to make you breakfast. And it proves that you two want to keep spending time together, which is the course point of this whole thing.

30 Days of Online Dating: My First Tinder Sleepover

Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor. You also get to see their bedtime habits, if they brush their teeth, floss, all the good stuff. This just takes the pressure of dating cuddling, movies, games and drinking. If you really want to know each other, I would use this time to talk in a much more serious tone.

This does sound a little weird to me. If he already had sex, would the difference be just staying over the night and doing breakfast in the morning?

That's all I can think of. Most of my ex's had lived with their parents, so we only slept with each other when we were either at my place or when we went on overnight trips. I'm kind of as confused as you are. Print out 2 copies of the same sudoku or other puzzle and have a race. Play Cards against Humanity. Before my bf was my bf I think all our dates were sleepover dates.

5 Super Hot Tips On How To Ace Your First Sleepover Date

We got drunk on our first date and he stayed the night. We did sexy things but didn't have sex for a month. Somehow it was just a given that if we had a date we'd be staying over at one of our places. Sleepover dates are rad. Currently seeing a guy and we have been, unexpectedly, doing sleepover dates since the very first time.

Besides, the bonus of sleepover is it gives you sufficient time to interact with him talking, laughing, kissing, cuddling, making out whenever you guys want, etc. I love sleepover dates. Sleepover dates aren't really about the sex to me.


Sex is a couple of hours in private, sleepover dates are about properly talking to each other. Telling stories in a restaurant and talking about your life on the sofa are two very different atmospheres.

2.) Calm your nerves by remembering why you’re sleeping over (aka you really, really like this guy)

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