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The Sonographers are always lovely too. The ladies working here are wonderful and make you feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend the service to friends and family. Absolutely love this place! Had our early gender scan here and then took both grandmas for a 4d scan to see our little man! Hi,Visited the window to the womb clinic in Newcastle under Lyme after hearing a glowing review by our friends, we were not let down as we had such an amazing experience.

As soon as we arrived, we were made to feel very welcome and comfortable. We had the whole process explained to us before hand which only relaxed us even more.

Throughout the scan we were talked to and informed of what we were looking at and eventually found out the gender of our baby boy to be. After the scan was complete we were allowed to look through the images on a computer before choosing our selections. Best RegardsDave, Lou and bump.

The differences with a baby scan in Telford to our competitors

Me, my partner and my family visited you last week and we had the most amazing experience ever. I had my first scan with another baby scan company in Stoke and I left feeling really upset and didn't get to see baby. I had heard from a couple of friends who had visited Window to the Womb Stoke and they were ever so pleased with their experience, I decided to visit and see for myself. I have to say I was very impressed, the staff were very helpful and so friendly, the clinic atmosphere is very homely and very calming. The overall scan was also amazing I actually got to see baby in 4d and the sonographer explained the whole scan with alot of detail and they also did a wellbeing check which really reassured me and my partner.

We left with a hearbeat bear and we will definitely be back for more scans. Thank you so much x. Really welcoming and friendly staff. Place is kept lovely, clean and welcoming.

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Whole service is brilliant. Amazing to see your baby and well worth the money. Clinic is clean and well laid out and the staff are faultless! Been for an early dating scan at 10 weeks and 4d scan at 26 weeks.

Our baby was hidden behind the chord so staff suggested I take a 10 minute walk to see if this would help in getting a better image, which it did and we were really pleased with the pictures as there were lots to choose from! They even offered for me to go for a second walk to see if they could achieve better still! Absolutely no rushing involved, fantastic experience in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Staff are a credit to the clinic! Can we just say what a fantastic experience we have just had with you guys. After feeling so anxious on arrival you calmly explained the situation and thoroughly searched for our little munchkin who was hiding deeply in the corner.

We are delighted and so relieved. Thank you for your persistence and thorough service. Staff where very welcoming and lovely on arrival, make an exciting experience more exciting. Couldn't recommend it enough it was lovely. Lots of toys if you have extra little ones and comfy sitting area. Handles situations very delicately. Clean and airy space Highly recommended.

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Welcome to our Baby Scan Clinic Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire We are the leading private baby ultrasound scan clinic in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire , offering a range of pregnancy scans designed to fit into the various stages of your pregnancy. Mums Visit Us From.

Here's What Makes Ultrasound Direct Telford Stand Out:

We will guide you through your appointment and your chosen scan package and when ready escort you and your family into the scan room, where our qualified Sonographer will complete a well-being check in 2D with gender confirmation if required and then 4D scan of your baby, as part of the 4D scan we take 3D scan images dependent upon package. A member of the team will then facilitate the printing of your chosen prints and provide you with the information to access all of your images.

Depending on the scan package you choose, you will also receive the 4D movie of your baby scan.

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Local Facilities The road we are located on is Knutton Lane, it is also known as the B and the studio is located just next to the two mini roundabouts near black bank corner. Ultrasound technology has been researched extensively in hundreds of clinical studies over the past 30 years and has not been shown to cause any harm to either mother or baby with routine scanning now a normal procedure in all pregnancies. A probe placed on the body emits sound waves into the body, listens for the return echo and generates an image. This is likely the same machine that the NHS will use in your 12 week dating and 20 week anomoly scans.

When choosing a baby bonding clinic to book your scan with, we suggest that you request information on what equipment they have in clinic, as we believe that the specialist and fixed Voluson S8 offers a far superior quality of images than a mobile laptop and doppler, that is typically carried from one location to the next.

Movie Recording Equipment The most amazing thing about a baby scan at Window to the Womb is the ability to take away images and videos of your scan to share with family and friends. At our Stoke-on-Trent baby scan clinic you can take away full colour photo prints, all digital images and a movie of your full baby scan package dependent.

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What is included in our Early Scan in Telford package?

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#1 Wolverhampton Baby Scan Clinic - Pregnancy Scans From 6 Weeks

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Having an Early Scan in Telford? Congratulations on your pregnancy! What an incredibly exciting time this is for you, your partner and your families.

Every baby scan in Telford is important to us

We understand that the next few weeks are going to feel like an exceptionally long wait until you finally see your little one for the very first time at your routine week scan. At Ultrasound Direct, we understand the importance of how reassuring an ultrasound scan can be, which is why we offer our Early Scan in Telford to give you piece of mind at the start of your pregnancy journey. The Early Scan in Telford has been carefully created to ensure you have the earliest opportunity to see your baby under the expert care of our fully trained Healthcare Professionals.

Should there be any concerns surrounding your pregnancy, we ensure we will advise you in good time to enable you to be referred to your medical experts.