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While sins should be repented of, wounds should also be healed. What hurts are in her heart that occurred from bad relationships in her past? Or if she became a single mom because her husband died, obviously it would not be right to start dating until she was healed enough to be in a healthy relationship. Overall, a Christian single mom is free to date, but like all Christians she should be wise and mature about this process and only seek to be in a relationship when she feels God is releasing her to do so and her heart is ready for it.

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You have to follow God personally to answer that question. There are very few Christians single moms who need to be told not to sacrifice her child for a relationship. Moms in general are one of the most loving, sacrificial people groups in the world. What most Christian single moms probably need to hear more is that while you must never put your dating life before your child, you must also not totally neglect the desires God has placed on your heart for a relationship.

From my perspective, most of the times it is not required to choose mothering or dating. Of course during certain seasons this will be true, but at some point in life most Christian single moms will be able to do both. If for a season or because of some unique circumstances you do need to choose between mothering and dating, you must choose mothering as God will hold you responsible for the health of the child he has entrusted to you. Additionally, if you have to sacrifice your children to get a guy to like you, this man will expect you to always put him first even if you get married.


You need to prioritize your kids and be open about this prioritization when you date so you will attract a man who wants that life. A mom and a dad should not love their kids more than they love one another. However, they will need to prioritize their kids above one another, especially when the children are young. When I want to hang out with my wife after a long day but my 5 year old son and my 3 year old daughter are crying in their beds for their mom, we both know she needs to prioritize them over me.

You want a man with that perspective. He should expect you to love him in a special way that spouses should love each other, but a good dad knows that the kids come first in practical, day to day ways.

Therefore you must not pretend your life will be anything other than this to attract a guy. A single mom is just as beautiful and worthy of love and her children are not baggage. They are gifts from God. But a single mom does come with more responsibility.

When you are mature enough to handle it, responsibility is a blessing. If you have no responsibility in life, it means you have no impact and influence in life. If we want to live a life of significance, we will have many responsibilities in life. Dating and social activities are good and should be pursued whenever they do not hurt the health of your children.

When mom is living a healthy life, this benefits the kids.

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You will need the support of loved ones to help watch your child so you can pursue social activities and dating. I wish I could give you a concrete answer on what is too much social time and not enough mom time, but each situation is unique. The age of your child, the support system you and your child have, and the importance of certain social events and dating opportunities must be factored into each decision. You must walk with God, prioritize your child, while also not forsaking your God given desires.

Because you love your child, it is obviously painful to see him or her without a dad.

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God created us to be raised by a father and a mother. Both mom and dad play a different role in our lives growing up. So obviously a single mom wants to do what she can to remedy this problem. One mistake that often comes out of good place is when a single mom thinks she can be both mom and dad to her child.

She will need to discipline, for example, when it would be more ideal for a dad to do this at times. This is a must! But you can also cross the line here and start trying to act like a dad when in reality God has made you to be a mom.

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When a single mom tries to be both mom and dad she ends up being neither. In an effort to fill in the gap for the absent father she ends up creating another void when she stops fulfilling the role of the mother.


I know that is deeply painful to hear, but I say it because it is essential. You child needs a mom and a dad. But when mom starts acting like a dad, then the kids are missing out on having a full-time mom too. They need your comfort, your love, your encouragement — in summary, your child needs your godly femininity. If you forsake your femininity for masculinity, all you are really accomplishing is giving your child a diminished dose of both. You cannot fulfill the role of dad because God made you a mom.

Marriage, young men are told at youth camp, is our reward for not having sex in high school. Even worse than the expectations branded on young men is the impression left on young men and women who have sinned sexually.

But the long-lasting effects of this nonsense is not funny. For all of our theological maturity, we still expect that marriage to a beautiful virgin is our entitled reward for not having sex in high school. I am convinced that many Christian young man have not fully shaken off this terrible theology. In light of all this, here are three reasons I think Christian men should pursue Christian single moms for marriage.

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Single Christian moms are as pure as the sinless Son of God, which is more than you deserve in a wife. If this is the case, then having the vain expectation of marrying a childless virgin is unwarranted. Many of the single moms in our churches became single moms by virtue of having sex out of wedlock.